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Selling Dreams Beyond the Automotive

Velko Academy is dedicated to creating and developing top producers in the Automotive Sales World. We are interested in furthering your sales goals and passing on the knowledge and techniques that will help you on your way to becoming a master at sales and a true top producer.

Velko Tuhchiev, the Founder of Velko Academy, is dedicated to teaching excellence to future sales masters. Championing a "pay-it-forward attitude" that's supported by unwavering gratitude, Velko will inspire your sales force onto unbelievable accomplishments. Velko's mastery of sales fundamentals, people skills, and drive to help others will empower you and your team to grow, produce higher gross profit, and attain new personal and professional achievements.

Velko Tuhchiev

Velko Tuhchiev

Company founder Velko Tuhchiev has an intimate knowledge of the world of sales, because he is immersed within the sales industry. Velko has sold and delivered nearly 3,000 automobiles, in his career as an automotive sales consultant, and has been able to achieve that success thanks to his repeat and referral customers. Velko has been so successful with his methods, that he has been able to shift his business to being appointment-only, all while building, sustaining, and growing a clientele list that is 95% comprised of repeats and referrals.

Velko Academy offers its students the opportunity to learn techniques that foster an attractive sales approach and that can be applied as a universal platform. Designed to focus on establishing and building value, the course will empower you to recognize buying styles, all while executing a high closing rate.



Velko Academy

Velko Academy

Velko Academy

Empowering top producers at all levels



Dream Team Staffing

Dream Team Staffing

Building teams that yield measurable results




Loyalty, Retention, Referrals, Cross-Marketing, & Social Media Marketing




Maximizing clients and caliber of service


Velko Academy

Empowering top producers at all levels

1. Customized Education for all Sales People

- Beginners, Advanced, Top Producers, Management training


2. Prospecting

- Over 300 Prospecting ideas,techniques and strategies

3. Referrals

- Get at least 10 referrals from each customer. GUARANTEED!

4. Social Media

- How to sell YOUR PRODUCT and maintain a good reputation through social media

- Facebook,You Tube,Pinterest, Instagram, Blogging, Snapchat, Periscope, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter

5. Follow Up class

- Original Follow up techniques responsible for building a huge book of business and securing rapidly growing repeat and referral business

6. Goal Setting. Goal Tracking
7. Branding

- How to Create,catch and keep Raving Fans

8. High Gross Techniques

- How to add Massive Value

9. High Volume Process Techniques

- Earn trust and credibility fast

10. Lease VS Buy
11. Reputation

- Reviews and Community. Become Googleable

12. Cross Marketing Class

- Deliver Massive Value

13. Direct mail

- How to make sure it always gets open and builds phone traffic

14. Objections

- How to avoid and handle

15. Phone Training and BDC

- Learn to control every call and turn every objection on the phone to opportunity on the showroom floor

16. Negotiation and Closing

- Rules of Negotiations. Strategies and Techniques. Closing- Over 100 Closes shared

17. Professional Staffing / Team Building / Recruiting Services

- Rules of Negotiations. Strategies and Techniques. Closing- Over 100 Closes shared

18. Motivation-Attitude

- How to stay Motivated

19. Internet Leads with guaranteed success-FREE TRAINING

- Included with most plans

20. Service to sales transition

- Discover your gold mine!

1. Trainee Coaching

- Individual Coaching

- Group Coaching

2. Attainable Goals

- Setting financial objectives

- Measurable performance improvement

3. Sales Methodology

- How to achieve selling 40 cars per month working 4 days per week

- How to reach such numbers by appointment only and with 95% repeat and referral customers

4. Brand Definition

- Attract desireable clients to your product and business location

5. Sales Resources

- Ideas for prospecting and stocking your customer pipeline

- 300+ prospecting strategies, techniques, tools, and concepts

6. e-Learning System

- Comprehensive virtual training platform at your conenience

7. Sales Assistance

- How to improve processes

- Overcoming adversity

- How to negotiate and close deals

8. Collecting Referrals

- How to master the art (collect a minimum of 10 referrals per sale)

9. Power of Sales

- Service department domination

- Ability to transition deals from services to sales

10. Output Optimization

- How to increase gross profit

- How to expand your sales volume

Dream Team Staffing

Building teams that yield measurable results

Marketing Development

Providing strategies and tools unique to your business


Maximizing clients and caliber of service



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